About Stephanie
All you need to know!

After having my 2nd child in 2013, I began feeling like I had a different need and that there was a need for mothers and females as a whole to have a space where they could read/vent and share life experiences – past and present to enable us to not only embrace our lives but also cope with our daily struggles and achievements.  It was also then that I realised that I wanted to share my story and began writing my book.  As exhilarating and exciting as writing my book is, I do realise that after completion, the timelines between editing and actually getting published is unknown and thus my pursuit of my personal blog.

My intentions are to inspire women on their journey, whether through sharing advice of motherhood, fashion, fitness and health or simply to share experiences that may provide a sense of comfort for other women going through similar circumstances. I am family oriented, humorous, quick-thinking and at times, tongue-in-cheek because while women are strong, responsible and caring, we can get frustrated, annoyed and downright angry with life’s journey.

We all have our own life experiences to share within the motherhood and female realm and I personally feel that given my past and present circumstances,  my stories over the past 21 years could not only inspire many people with perseverance, strength and encouragement, but also shed some light on the darker places we can actually overcome.

A wife, mother, daughter & sister, but most definitely a motivated woman whose life experiences from an early age have created the strength and agility to succeed and help those who need a listening ear and relatable thought. I sincerely hope you enjoy sharing in with some of my journeys and chapters of life, in addition to some light hearted fun and relatable experiences.

StephArise is a platform that not only serves to be insightful but also to help share the moments we all seem to think we go through alone but in actual fact relate with millions of other woman around the world.