Being a fulltime mum, running a household

This is one of the most difficult things to do, Why? People do ask…and its because there are no breaks, there are no “me” times, its just giving all of you all of the time. 

Despite how negative the answer may seem, there are also more positives to this that I can point out – I am able to go to my gym class straight after school drop of, I can have a very quick cup of coffee with a friend or two, and race home, shower change just in time to do the school pick up. And even though on most days I don’t have a chance to do much else, I am blessed in that I can collect my daughter from school, speak to her, feed her, chat with her, make sure she naps, take her to her various activities, and watch her develop into this amazing human being who never ceases to amaze me.

There are days when I feel like I need a break, and I’m blessed in that I have my mum and dad who love to have my daughter spend some time with them, so that gives my hubby and myself our much needed date nights, which are twice a month for now.  Running a household, making sure that everyone is happy, fed, having their vitamins, ensuring that everyone has their correct hair products including our toddler – is no easy feat, but once you get into the rhythm of it all, you can actually sit back and thank God for his blessings.

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