Life & 2nd chances

My adult life started off as quite the challenge, with me starting University and dating my high school boyfriend at the time, I fell pregnant during my first year at University. My parents were supportive and promised me that if I completed my studies full time, they would help me take care of my son.

My son’s dad became a nightmare during this time and when I graduated, I still married him and experienced a very tumultuous, abusive and unhealthy 8 months of marriage.

Before my son turned 4, I divorced his father and despite divorcing him, he still managed to threaten me and held me back from starting my life again.  Despite all of this & receiving no maintenance, I allowed him full access to our son.  He then went on to re-marry and was expecting another child, when he was involved in a senseless fight with a stranger, and passed away.

I never thought that my son who was 11 at the time would give any person the time of day so I resigned myself to being alone forever.  Until the next year when the man God had made for me called me and we began dating. He loved my son and my son loved him.  I truly understood what love was between a man and a woman, I also finally realised how I was meant to be appreciated and treated as not only a woman, but a mother and a wife.

Second chances do exist even if it takes more than 10 years to happen, giving up should never be an option, no matter how dark your chapter may be.  Everyone has someone who they are meant to love and who is meant to show you the right kind of love.  Everyone has someone who God has made for them, and sometimes you have to meet the wrong people, to grow and become the kind of person who is ready to meet your true soulmate.

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