Travelling with toddlers

After travelling oversees with our 3 year old daughter, there are numerous priceless moments to share, but also many lessons that were learnt.

Our trip itinerary was as follows – SA-DUBAI-SEATTLE-LA-CANANDA/TORONTO-BOSTON-NEW YORK-DUBAI-SA over 5 weeks, 9 flights, 5 hotels and numerous Uber’s & Taxis, we navigated our way quite successfully through this family holiday, but not without some issues.

Time difference for adults can be challenging, but with a toddler – it can be mind boggling.  They refuse to eat, wake up at 2am in the new city, will need to sleep by 12 midday and wont want to wake up until 9pm the same evening.  Getting your toddler over jet lag is damn hard.  If you are travelling with a fussy eater, travels are just as crazy, there is mac & cheese everywhere, but that’s not necessarily the most nutritious meal to give your child everyday, all day.

However, the good thing is that when you return from your holiday, your child will suddenly love her morning porridge and rice and meals you prepared before your trip that she gave you a difficult time to eat in the first place.  All in all, travelling with your children, not only takes you out of your everyday life and surroundings, but its such an awakening for your child to be able to experience travelling, different cultures, people, sights and sounds. It has to be one of the most incredible gifts you can give your children, I’m extremely grateful that we were able to give that to both of our kids.

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