My Near Death Experience

I was involved in a serious car accident when I was 21 years old, my son was 2 years old and was thankfully not in the vehicle, of which he was supposed to be. My ex-late husband was driving at the time who already was an extremely reckless driver, however I would come to learn just how reckless on that fateful Saturday morning the accident occurred. I don’t remember the details about the accident, however I was told that I had just removed my seatbelt and my ex was trying to overtake a car on the gravel as opposed to the actual road, he lost control of the vehicle, the car overturned a few times, with me flying out the windscreen and the car rolling on my neck somehow.

I was left with 2 broken neck bones, collar bone, pelvis and left elbow. My face was cut badly from the glass, stones and impact, close to being unrecognizable. My family were informed about the accident and when they raced to the scene, they were completely dumbfounded as to how this could have happened to their child, the fact that the driver broke two bones only and that they would have to explain to my son that there was a chance that he would never see his mother again. I was in a comma for three weeks of my life, my family unsure about my survival and when they were sure of my survival, they questioned my full recovery. They prayed day and night and eventually I came out of the comma after being on copious amounts of morphine and tons of other medication, in addition to not being able to move as a result of the halo that was screwed into my head to assist in straightening my neck bones that were broken, as well as not being able to move my left hand, eventually I was able to see my son in hospital who was completely shocked and heartbroken to see me.

He thought that I didn’t have legs at first, but he eventually realized that I was still there with him and that I didn’t leave him. It took four months to recover with intense physiotherapy and an endless amount of patience. The torment that my child must have gone through thinking that the person he was closest to had just deserted him will forever haunt me, but I am and will forever be grateful for my life and for my family supporting my son and myself during the entire horrendous ordeal. Sometimes we are meant to just go through things that mold us and guide us into the directions that we are meant to take. Getting over that accident was my compass to a bigger and better life for myself and my son….forever grateful….

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  1. Shahnaz

    Thank you for sharing so openly. God has had His hand on you and what a privilege to be able to testify of All He has done. He has healed you completely and given you a second chance. You are an inspiration!!!!

  2. Alicia

    What a great testimony, Gods plans are greater, we may not see it at the time we are experiencing or going through the trial, but in the end He gets all the Glory praise and honour. ✝️

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