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My recovery was so amazing and effective from my car accident because I had God on my side and also because I was young and could bounce back easily. However, now that I am a year away from forty, I have never been more plagued with physical issues than I have been for the past couple of years. I have been fortunate in that despite my past injuries, I am still able to gym and take care of my body, however I struggle with my neck everyday and the pain it causes on my shoulders and back, as well as my veins on my legs not being able to function effectively.

One of the most excruciating things I recently experienced was vein surgery, whereby the surgeon makes incisions on both legs below the knee, he inserts a catheter through the incisions all the way up to your groin and then corrects the blockages experienced which then allows the veins to resume carrying blood to your heart. Oh my word, this was beyond painful but just one of the many things I will have to go through as a result of that eventful accident. I am still however grateful that it could have been so much worse and that vein surgery is something I can actually go for as opposed to not being on this earth anymore. Sometimes when we are caught up in that moment, we tend to lose focus but always know that there is a brighter tomorrow even if it comes in ten years time, it is still going to happen.

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