Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! And are they ever right?

We enrolled my daughter into 2 incredible private schools when she was 3 months old. She was accepted and enrolled at one which had a pre-primary level and this will be her second year of attendance. However, this year she attended an assessment and we attended a parents interview at a very prestigious all girls school as well. We were just informed of her acceptance, to which we are elated, however this does not come with doubts, questions and concerns. My husband and myself enjoy having our 4 year old daughter, with a larger than life personality who thinks she is a boy more often than not. Will being in a different atmosphere to what she was used to change her happy, feisty personality? Will she be ok not having her friends both boys and girls around? Will she adjust to the change? My mind has been driving me insane with “What if’s”…and I know that I question my husband’s & my decisions for our children almost daily.

The answer to all of these questions is the same, we will never know until we try like everything in life. We will never really know if us sending our daughter to an all girls school makes her thrive more than she would in a co-ed school, we will never really know if she will enjoy it thoroughly or not, we will never really know if she will reach her full potential there or not, but we have to try. I have taken re-assurance from my hubby that we need to give her this opportunity especially because she is still so young and if we become unhappy with her not being happy there, then we can change her back to co-ed…but for now lets just try! So with that being said, I have hope in knowing that with her resilience and determination for life in general, she will do well and become everything she wants to be and more…well for this I pray daily!

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