Me Time…

Sometimes I feel like I just need some me-time, I just need a few minutes in the day to gather my thoughts, prepare my mind for what I’m experiencing or what’s about to come my way.  Whether it’s racing to get a mani or a blowdry – that 45 minute timeout can go a long way in making me feel sane again. When I chat with my other mum-friends, thats the one thing that always comes up. The fact that we don’t get enough me-time, even once a month and we constantly fail to realise what a long way it goes in terms of making us more productive.

The everyday hustle of getting everyone and everything sorted can get more than tedious and exhausting. Most times a timeout can be the best antidote to everyday life, it can also add an extra bout of much needed motivation to get on with it. When our kids get to that point when we have to give them a timeout, they have the opportunity to reflect & refocus, which enables them to act accordingly. We all need that moment to do the same. We tend to feel guilty for wanting a few minutes to ourselves, but we forget just how much we need it.

Life, Love and Everything else always takes precedence and that’s absolutely normal, but it’s perfectly fine to take a break for you…❤

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