The letting go factor…

Its not the easiest thing in the world having an adult son, however it does have its merits. I love chatting to my son about life, his feelings, music, his take on the world and love. The latter may not be the easiest thing to hear about! When my son approaches me for advise pertaining to the opposite sex, sometimes it’s the most difficult thing to try to be objective, most times it’s nearly impossible. The fact that he chooses to have these conversations with me is important, as its affirmation that he knows that there is no communication barrier. Its completely different as to how we grew up – being quiet, not entirely sharing our feelings about the opposite sex or sex in general. But now that we are living with the millennial generation, the realization that there is no barrier is sometimes a scary state of being. However, my husband and myself try to maintain the “He is now an adult” presence of mind, even though I do forget that every once in a while. We are very honest with him when it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle in all aspects of his life and I am always reiterating – “Do as I say and not as I do/did’ – we know that guys mature a little later in life and that’s what we are always verbalising to our son.

Boys do become men eventually, but not without many hiccups along the way. Going through adolescence, trying to establish the fact that they are growing up, trying to maintain their independence, reaching adulthood, hormonal imbalances, natural chemical imbalances, a bout of depression, trying to balance partying with studying, trying to maintain the ongoing “cool image”, trying to still maintain the family bond – it is hard work going through life as a guy. Its not easy being parents to an adult son and a 4 year old, as the extreme’s that we deal with are unenviable. However, seeing the bond that they have despite the age gap and distance makes me realise that we are doing something right, despite it not often feeling that way. My everyday prayer for my son has always been for him to be protected and that he knows, he is loved beyond measure. Its only now that he is about to turn 20 that I see that realization in him. I can safely say that from 14 until now, its been hard work but not without its rewards. Children always make me realise, that although our paths may change as life goes along, the bond between us will alway remain eternally strong ❤

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