Words can hurt just as much…

After my divorce, it took me a while to start another romantic relationship. At the beginning of the relationship, I was respected and treated exactly how a woman should be. I suppose coming out of my previous relationship, being treated like a normal person was amazing to me, so I always assumed that what was happening was so out of the ordinary. When the honeymoon phase of that relationship was over, I started to see major cracks in the foundation of what was supposed to be a new beginning for me. I remember being in complete shock when the first accusation was thrown at me, and I didn’t retaliate. Processing what I was being accused of was just so difficult for me to understand and I ignored it and carried on. The accusations started pouring in more rapidly and I began to realise that this was a different kind of abusive relationship.

When someone bites away at your personality because it makes them feel better about themselves, you need to know that you are not with the right person. When someone makes you feel that you are not worthwhile because it makes them feel more powerful, you need to know that they are unstable. When someone makes you question who you are, you have to realise that they are insecure about themselves. When someone makes you feel that you are not capable of making intelligent choices, you have to realise that they are not worthy of being your companion any longer. Questioning who you are because the person in your relationship has psychopathic tendencies is not the way forward. Leaving is the only way forward. Trust is one of the most integral aspects of any relationship and it is not easily regained and when a person starts questioning every aspect of your persona, you need to know that the relationship is not the long lasting one you were hoping for. True happiness is knowing that you can be with someone who trusts you implicitly and shows you that you are “the one” no matter what may come his/her way ❤

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