Why must my bad days be kept to a minimum?

As a wife and mum, I find that my bad days need to be as minimal as possible due to it affecting everyone else in the household. I find that every other family member is allowed to feel angry or just not in the right mood, but should I feel that way, the entire mood of the household changes. Sometimes I can see this as a good thing as I know how powerful being a wife and mother is, but at times, it can be an absolute annoyance. Should I wake up not feeling completely chirpy, I know that it will somehow rub of onto my 4 and a half year old or even my 20 year old. Should I not be feeling well, I know that it will somehow affect my 4 and a half year old as she is reliant on me doing certain things for her daily and I completely understand that. However, sometimes I feel like wives and mothers need to be superhuman in the way we feel, particularly because how we may come across has an adverse effect on our immediate families.

I know that we were built with an incredible amount of emotional and physical strength but sometimes we all just need a day, sometimes a week. Life gets difficult, unmanageable at times, and we just need a moment to put things in perspective. Most often we all need our time outs more desperately than we care to communicate, but its at these moments we realise just how having a bad day is just as important as having a good one. It’s on these days that we take the time to reflect and hopefully make much needed changes in our lives. So take a deep breath and know that you are not alone and we all go through the up and down cycles of life ♥

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