My journey around the sun…

I just celebrated my birthday recently and as much as I still do look forward to my special day, it does also become a day filled with emotions I wouldn’t ordinarily feel on every other day. I suppose that it’s filled with reminiscing over the past experiences we may have loved or hated, the sadness of not having loved one’s in our lives any longer, the reality of not being where we wanted to be as yet in our lives or just the acceptance of getting older. On the day, I always look at my husband, children, parents and siblings, and take stock of what I have overcome and am yet to experience.

I go over my adulthood and think about what was and what could have been? I still have those moments of regret over my past actions and wish I could have made different choices, despite me knowing that those experiences helped me become who I was meant to be. My 20’s were the hardest times of life and I remember how sad every birthday was during that decade of my life as it was so challenging in every way possible. My 30’s however have been the complete opposite as despite me still having endless challenges, I’m secure in knowing who and what I am, which makes everything easier to endure. This year particularly, I came to the realisation that although I may not quite be where I would have loved to be in terms of my career, I feel blessed knowing that I’m happy within myself and with the people I share my life with. I now have much needed perspective in terms of the blessings I have as compared to so many others and despite the up’s and down’s of life, I know that my journey around the sun is much appreciated ❤


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