When kids emulate their parents

This topic makes me want to smile yet scream all at the same time. Why? You may ask? Well, I have a gorgeous daughter who is everything like me, sometimes on the extreme side. She does all that I do, both good and bad. She relates to me and because she is always with me, its very difficult to take a step back and think about how she may perceive my actions on an ongoing basis. There are times, where I may use the word S**T as opposed to the word CRAP, and she is the first one to pick up on that. There are times where I may lose my patience with someone or something and she is the first one to make me aware of my lack of patience. There are times where I may not be in the mood for something I may have cooked or ordered and she is the first one to remind me of my indecisiveness.   It’s truly amazing how a little person can you make you consider your actions to such a great extent.

Growing up, I was not as aware of what people around me were doing or saying, or maybe I was, but just not as perceptive as my daughter is right now. She wants to be like me, dress like me, talk like me and act like me – as complimentary as it may be “sometimes” I am so aware of my actions and regretful as I’m afraid that I don’t always set the right example as much as I may try. Daughters relate to their mothers and I really try to encourage my daughter to be courageous and to let her know what incredible inner strength she has. She doesn’t always utilise her strength in the correct manner, but I suppose that those are the learning curves of life. As a result of this precious child, I shall continue to try everyday to be an admirable role model every kid deserves to have in their lives, I may not always succeed, but I am committed to trying ❤


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