When someone says they love you but doesn’t show it..

Love comes in all shapes and forms, however saying I love you doesn’t count as much as showing someone that you love them. Those 3 words are easily said, but very often not always coupled with the act of love. In past relationships, I would get told numerous times, just how much I was loved, however almost always I would be shown the opposite to what I was told. When my ex-husband would say he loved me, he would have always done something despicable prior to the utterances of those words.   When my ex-boyfriend would say those words, he would have first accused me of doing something in direct contrast to my personality, coupled with an explosive fight, thereafter, the “I love you” words would flow!

When someone truly loves another they don’t always have to say it, however they always have to show it. That is exactly how I knew I was loved wholeheartedly when God decided to give me my final shot at experiencing true love. My now husband is the absolute epitome of someone who knows how to show both myself and our children just how much he does love us. He shows us in the kindness he exudes towards us, he shows us in the patience he has, he shows us in the manner in which he provides for his family, he shows us in the tender way in which he shares his affections and feelings. Those are but a few ways of showing love without having to utter the words sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it still is important to say those words as a reminder of your feelings and those you share with someone, however you need to always reciprocate your feelings with your actions in every possible way ❤



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