Teaching children generosity from a young age…

This is a priceless attribute we can pass onto our kids and should not only be recognized as a specific day quality to apply. This year for Nelson Mandela day, showing kindness to someone was something that we discussed with both our children, and they both understood the level of giving we wanted to achieve. My eldest son applied this much better than my youngest daughter, however seeing acts of kindness from her sibling and parents does impress the ability of sharing and showing kindness to others in need.

Passing out food to kids who go without almost everyday, who don’t have the warmth of a heater in their rooms, who are so limited in their everyday lives in terms of education, love and security is something we try to show our kids and ask of them to assist whenever they can. We try to ensure that they understand that life is so much bigger than themselves and that helping others in need is something that is vital to be able to do in our everyday lives. Whether its passing out biscuits to people asking for something at the traffic lights or buying clothing for kids who don’t know what its like to visit a shopping mall, these are little acts of kindness everybody should embrace. Most importantly, its is of paramount importance that we teach our children the value of generosity, so that they become adults who in turn do the same and make a difference in our very troubled society.


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