The need to trust your instincts…

When we are younger, we don’t necessarily trust our gut when it comes to much, but as we grow older and mature in life, we tend to do so more frequently. It doesn’t mean that trusting our instincts are always on the right track, but most times we are spot on, particularly when it comes to our children. God blessed mum’s with this intuition when it comes to our offspring, whether its knowing that they aren’t making the right decisions, or whether they may not be telling us the truth or even when something is bothering them and they aren’t finding it very easy to express themselves. We also seem to know how to get the right kind of reaction from our kids in most occurrences.

There are, however, other parts of our lives when following our instincts aren’t necessarily leading us down the correct paths, like when we chose partners to date or friends that we think fit our personality types. But what I have come to learn from these failed experiences is that despite things not always working out in our favour, we do take away positive learning’s from every situation. Sometimes we may think that we have everything checked in our lives and that we seem to be on top of things, but there are days and moments where we seem to be the worst at assessing situations or personalities. There are moments where we ask ourselves, how did I let that slip by? How did I not see that coming? How did I not pick up on that from the very beginning? But these moments have to happen and our instincts not being on point sometimes happen as well. I have decided however, that even though I have had many failed experiences, I won’t stop following my heart in all aspects of my life as it would be changing who I am, and I’m not about to start doing that now!

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