Women’s Month…

The month of August is important as not only are woman celebrated, but we are remembered for our unwavering strength, sacrificial efforts and never-ending resilience. I decided that I would dedicate most of this month on my blog to woman who are known across the world for various successes in their particular art but have endured some kind of difficulty in their life. They refused to let it deny them an opportunity at proving to the world that they are worthy and successful in their own right.  I’m starting it off with Princess Diana.

She was an icon who was noted for her humanitarian charity work, wife to Prince Charles, mother to Prince William and Harry. Despite her fortune of being royalty, she experienced a very troubled marriage with a lack of love and infidelity. She endured much heartache publicly with a lack of privacy which eventually led to her fatal car accident. Click https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diana,_Princess_of_Wales

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