The Road we choose to travel…

Marriage is not an easy road to travel, however, when both partner’s play their parts, it does become an easier journey. There are definitely occasions where we find ourselves at loggerheads with our partners for various reasons from, a petty squabble, tiredness causing moodiness, snapping at each other for some reason only known to the individual, disagreements about the children, disagreements about extended family or even something completely ludicrous like what to eat for dinner? Sometimes it’s just difficult to get along and this is absolutely natural for any married couple. In fact they say, that when you don’t have disagreements, there is something wrong…whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but I tend to agree with this synopsis. There are no two people on this earth that agree on everything, so when two complete strangers meet, fall in love and get married, of course there will be instances where both individuals feel like they just want to scream – usually at the other person.

I have found that despite being married to the perfect man God created for me, there are times when we get on each others nerves and since I am the more hot tempered and emotional individual, there are times when I can be completely irrational. I also get highly defensive and this is a trait I try to work on, but its not easily remedied. My husband does have the tendency to ask me the most ridiculous questions at the most inopportune times as well, which does sometimes drive me a little left of centre. However, what I am appreciative of is the ability to recognise these character flaws we have and the fact that we both understand that we have the ability to anger each other. The realisation that blame is not one-sided is a great attribute to have in any marriage! And the fact that we are both humble enough to apologise to each other and to want to make things right again is vital. No relationship is ever easy – whether it’s a partnership, friendship or marriage, everything takes compromise, patience and understanding, so here’s to happier days and less squabbles❤

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