Children on opposite spectrums…

My children have a 15 and a half year age gap, and whilst this can be great in terms of their different needs and the fact that my son makes such an amazing babysitter, the cons are also very much prevalent.  We recently traveled oversees together, which included many long road trips and for the first time, my son was completely frustrated and frustrating as our eating times and excursions revolved around my daughter and not him as much.  Now whilst we were on holiday, he was able to meet up with his friends abroad and have fun with his cousins, but these were limited due to everyone just getting back from their Summer holidays and preparing for their new Study year ahead.

So for the most part, we were going to Museums, Aquariums and making sure we kept to an eating routine since our soon to be 5 year old needed to eat like clock work.  For most of the trip, both my kids, annoyed each other, they fought incessantly, smacked each other, argued and just behaved completely differently from what we are exposed to at home.  So we have come to an understanding that despite the fact that we have many positives with regards to our children having the large age gap, traveling together is not as great anymore, as they are both on different spectrums of their lives.  My adult son is old enough to travel with his friends, he has done this before and am sure that he cannot wait to do it again.  This does exclude important family holidays but for now we are good with just not holidaying together for a while J

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