Mutual Acceptance and Respect

We often think that acceptance and respect is something that every individual understands as a natural part of life.  However, the sad reality is that most people don’t. Whether its between two different people in a relationship, siblings, people from different race and religions, people have a disconnect in general when it comes to accepting each other and giving our fellow loved ones and all human beings for that matter, the kind of respect we all deserve.  I recall in my past relationship, us not sharing the same belief system and it did create a whole host of issue’s as at the time we were both not mature enough to allow each other the room to grow in the manner we were born to do so.  Also sharing a child at the time and not having a mutual understanding of what we wanted for our child did also bring about its own share of problems.

When I look at everything I went through with regards to the issue of a lack of mutual acceptance and respect, I struggle to understand why we have the same turmoil in this day and age.  We have come so far as a human race in terms of understanding and being more open to our differences, but we have also managed to remain so backward, if that makes any sense?  The older generations have still managed to pass on their lack of tolerance for differences and as a result they still manage to make the younger generation struggle in terms of being free to choose whom they want to spend their lives with and how they want to spend their lives.  The fact of the matter is that no person can make all of the right decisions but when we are of adult age, every person should be allowed to make their choices and live with the consequences thereof, whether it turns out well or not.  No person is supposed to decide who another completely able adult is to spend their time with, friendships with, relationships with, people are supposed to make those decisions for themselves.  People seldom realise the damage this causes to any individual.  By making an adult question their self-worth due to the lack of acceptance and understanding can be extremely damaging to not only that person’s identity but also how he/she will treat a person going forward.  True happiness is discovered by two people who share a mutual love, not by the interference of another, we should remember this as we carry on with our daily lives ❤

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