It does get easier…

When our kids are born, or even reaching the toddler age, the thought of leaving home with them can become the most overwhelming and petrifying thought. Packing a bag feels like we need to pack the entire house in there and the prospect of feeding them or changing their diaper outside our comfort zone is daunting to say the least. We go over every single detail over and over in our heads, which is mentally exhausting before we have even reversed the car out the garage. We finally bundle them in the car seat, do our checks and balances and then we finally leave on our journey to either run an errand or just get a change in scenery.

As our kids get older and we are used to the routine of leaving home with them, we come to find that it does get so much easier. They grow older, are more responsive, some are extremely verbal with their requests and we then come to find that leaving home is not the challenge any longer, leaving to get home is. We come to find as things get easier with our children, we tend to sweat the small stuff less and we realise that as they become older children, they love routine and its easier to get them to cooperate. They do reach an age when they listen more, so taking them out becomes fun for all o f us! And always remember to enjoy these years, and before you know it, adolescence will be looming and the listening and cooperation will be a thing of the past ❤

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