Children and their tantrums…

I have to admit that both my husband and myself have always tried to make sure that our kids were short of nothing. We have given them both love and support, in addition to the material requirements that they needed and most times more than what was required. This does come with its fair share of demands, tantrums and expectations. So like most people, I use my card for most things and cash is kept to a bare minimal in my purse. This past week my daughter had an activity and at the location, they do sell sweets, milkshakes, etc for after the activity. I feel most times that my daughter looks forward to this the most and today was no exception.

As we went to purchase a milkshake, I then realised I had no cash and that was all they accepted, so I very gently told my daughter that she couldn’t get the milkshake as I had no cash to pay the man with. To which my daughter then starts crying, acting like the world has come to an end and like she is the most neglected child on this planet. I then buckled her up in the car and proceeded to inform her that going forward, there would be no more snacks purchased after her activity until she learns that sometimes mummy just doesn’t have enough to get you something and you just have to suck it up and move on without it. I did eventually get her the milkshake, but as I handed it to her, I began to think how I’m responsible for my child having all these expectations that she does have. I am responsible for her wanting things at the drop of a hat, as I have given in to that behavior since she was born. So now, I have this new found appreciation for practicing some tough parenting when it comes to providing for her. Earn it is what I keep on reiterating and if your rewards chart looks dismal, have no expectations. It does get lost sometimes, but for the most part, I’m keeping to my side of rewarding when needed and earned! Kids…You will never know if what you are doing is correct, but just keep keepin on, and one day, you will realise that you were right all along!

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