16 Days Of Activism…

As we are in the middle of the international campaign for Activism against Gender based Violence, I am reminded of how blessed I feel to have been able to leave the situation that held me in captivity for what felt like a lifetime. I am reminded of the millions of woman & children around the world that are still stuck in an inescapable world of torment because of these senseless crimes that plague our society and the world at large. I’m reminded of the woman and children that have lost their lives because of the unexplainable circumstances that have led to their demise. I’m reminded of the millions of woman and children that have been given a second chance at life, being set free from their agony that they never thought would end.

As we take a look at the experiences that unfold during these 16 days of Activism it’s a shocking revelation as to how advanced our world has become, but yet how backward we still are in terms of how inhumane woman and children are treated throughout the world in various cultures and communities. It’s a bewildering state of realisation to know how far we have come, but what a long way we still have to go. As females we are given the ability to bring life into this world, and the strength that we possess is unlike any other. We have the ability to manage and run different organisations, our households, all of our family members and still do all of this with a smile on our face. We have the ability to carry on with our daily lives despite the inexcusable abuse we may be experiencing, we have the ability to take care of our children and protect them from things we pray would come to an end, despite us not being able to see any hope of change. As woman we have all of these abilities and as a result, the one ability to stand up and put an end to the heartache doesn’t seem to come as easily. But let me remind you that deep within you is that hidden strength that will give you the courage to end the senselessness of everything that you may be going through. Don’t lose hope and know that you have every right to be treated with love and respect and that your children deserve to be happy and protected ❤

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