Learning to live within our rights…

The right to Equality, human dignity, the freedom of religion, belief, opinion and expression are a few of our rights that tend to be brushed away due to circumstances within our households or society for that matter.

 When I was younger, I attended a school that allowed corporal punishment at the time, teachers were able to cane us on our hands or backsides when we weren’t being cooperative or compliant. When I went to University, I had to use some study aids, not in my first language to study, which at the time was my only option. When I entered into my first marriage, which was extremely abusive, I allowed many of my human rights indicated above, to be completely stripped away from me. There are numerous times I look back at my life and think about how my human rights were disregarded, most times, not by choice. During our childhood or even early adulthood, there wasn’t great emphasis placed on us being empowered or being protected when we were not being treated correctly, however as society has progressed, there are numerous laws that have been established in our favour. We are now protected from all of the atrocities that we once may have experienced in our lives. Whether we choose to use this protection is a completely different story, as in most communities, inhumane acts still do exist. Woman and children most importantly have every right to be protected from every kind of harm and danger that may come their way, however, due to an immense amount of deterioration in our communities, crimes against woman and children continue to increase and continue to be the rot of almost every society in existence. We need to ensure that we have the ability to stand up against every kind of unfair and completely atrocious act that every woman and child may experience.

Whether its something we grew up thinking was ok, whether we may have experienced a few acts of violence against us, whether we may have been treated wrongfully at the workplace – we need to break out of that mould that we have grown into and realise we have human rights that are finally in our favour and we need to make use of this great tool we can exercise on a daily basis. We can only change the way our children and our children’s children are treated if we ensure that we are doing the best for ourselves by making sure that we are never in that space of allowing our human rights to be taken away from us. We need to reiterate to our children on a daily basis what their rights are so that they grow up knowing how to stand up for themselves and never let any restrictions be placed on them, as was the case with us when we were younger. When our kids look at us today, may they see the strength that we have developed from our past experiences, but may they also see that their inner strength cannot be constrained and can only ever get stronger. Humans are beautiful beings and when we all realise that, is when we all will live beautifully!

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