Just Be..

BE STRONG, but not rude;

BE KIND, but not weak;

BE BOLD, but not bossy;

BE HUMBLE, but not timid;

BE PROUD, but not arrogant!

There are times when we are the uppercase traits and sometimes the lowercase ones OR we are surrounded by people who are either of these. Either way, it’s not always easy to be as great or move pass someone who isn’t as amazing as we thought they would be. We have to juggle personalities on a daily basis, whether it’s that of our spouses, kids, friends, school mums, it’s a challenge. Sometimes I put my head down and ask myself why can’t people just be easier? Why can’t they just be polite and understanding? But then I ask myself, could people be asking that about me?

Sometimes we think we are being the best people, but we don’t always come across as such. We may have the best intentions, but it’s not always perceived in the manner we would like it to be. We think we are being helpful but causing more unnecessary drama. It isn’t always easy knowing that we aren’t being as helpful as we think we are, but it does help to take a step back and think before speaking or acting on something. It’s not all in our actions, but often in our reactions. Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Humble, Be Proud…easy to say, hard to live by BUT let’s try shall we…

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